CAFIA summer inspections: bacterial contamination detected at 40% of ice for beverages and ice creams

Within regular inspections of seasonal assortment, the inspectors of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) focus, inter alia, on checking quality and safety of soft serve and scooped ice cream and ice intended for beverages offered by public catering premises, CAFIA  reports via website. Results of current inspections (carried out by 31st July 2019) showed that 40% of assessed samples of ice for beverages and 37% of samples of soft serve and scooped ice cream failed to comply with requirements of legislation.
Results of inspections carried out this year as well as in the previous years show that a significant part of the operators still underestimates risks associated with negligence of hygiene procedures during production, storage and sale of the assortment in question as well as related violation of hygiene limits for presence of microorganisms.
This year, CAFIA inspectors have been completed assessment of 47 samples of ice for beverages so far and out of this number, 19 samples (c. 40%) failed to comply with health or hygiene limits. Occurrence of bacteria Escherichia coli, Clostridium perfringens, entercoccus, coliform bacteria and bacterial colonies were the assessed parameters. During inspections in 2018, 47% of assessed samples failed to comply with requirements of legislation compared to 45% in 2017 and 38% in 2016. Underestimation of hygiene practice during production of ice and disinfection of ice makers were the main causes of non-compliant detections.

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